JCT4 Automotive

JCT4 Automotive

Here at Jct4 Automotive and we take a pretty simple approach.

"We aim to be everything thing you possibly want in the form of providing a solution to your automotive needs". Over twenty years in this arena we have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly and because of this we want to help you make the right choice, with your next vehicle or fleet acquisition the being the slickest, smoothest and most informed yet. Our team are committed to transparency and working with integrity.

You might say that we are all things to all men - we are, as we can provide a full range of solutions from one place that suit your specific needs. Some of our specialties include:

  • Vehicle sales (car and van)
  • Financing solutions
  • Contract hire
  • Leasing
  • Short term hire - Long term hire - Flexible hire
  • Vehicle sourcing
  • Purchasing your vehicle
  • Part Exchange
  • Accident Management
  • Credit hire and vehicle replacement

We are always happy to sit down over a coffee (sometimes with cake) to see if there are area's we can help... why not gives us a call and set a date in the diary today.

Our Team

Graham Edden Graham - General Manager

General Manager

Having spent over ten years in the automotive and rental sector Graham must clearly enjoy something about it, especially after being told very early on in his career "It's like marmite! You'll either love it or hate it!" An affinity with cars and business certainly helped having worked for some global leaders in the industry across a variety of roles. Happy with career progression but ultimately wanted freedom from the shackles of corporate life so 'Junction 4 Automotive' was born. He knows anything can be achieved and a critical factor is unlimited 'brews' with biscuits (chocolate digestives) coupled with a great team and fantastic people.

John Gaskell John - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

John is a car aficionado and has been from a young age, whether it be driving, buying selling or talking about them. Having been in the motor trade for most of his adult life. He's been involved in different roles from Sales, Service Manager, vehicle procurement, Fleet Manager and also owns a successful taxi rental business. Now co-owner of JCT4, this is the realisation of his dream.

Dale Mccall Dale

Sales Executive

Being a car fan since a very young age plus being around them all his life, Dale always knew he wanted to work with or around cars but the fact he doesn't like any form of dirt on his hands ruled out being a mechanic. He found his calling here at JCT4, settling in very quickly and works hard alongside the team (apart from Graham). He also provides a bit of youth into the team, fresh ideas, good looks and keeps the moral high. He also has a very high opinion of himself (GE).