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AutoGuard Warranty

AutoGuard Warranty

By buying a car with the Autoguard Warranty you have made the right choice

Present-day automobiles represent a high technical standard and offer a maximum in reliability. Nonetheless, costly damage to important and expensive module components can happen to anyone. With the Autoguard Warranty, you can play it safe just in case it happens

Autoguard Warranty

Autoguard Warranty Infographic

What is covered?

All mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that were manufacturer's original fitments except those listed below;


Part Premium Select Triple 3
Rocker Assembly
Hydraulic Followers
Inlet and Exhaust Valves
Valve Springs and Guides
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Gasket
Camshaft and Followers
Timing Gears and Chains
Oil Pump, Pistons and Rings
Cylinder Bores
Con Rods
Gudgeon Pins
Inlet Manifold
Ring Gear

Fuel System

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Mechanical or Electrical Fuel Pumps
Tank Sender Unit
Throttle Body
Airflow Meter
Idle Control Valve
Oxygen Sensor
Map Sensor

Electrical System

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Starter Motor
Electric Window Motors and Switches
Sunroof Motor and Switch
Central Locking Motors
Front and Rear Windscreen Wipers and Washer Motors
Heater Fan Motor
Multi-function Stalk Switch
Ignition Coils


Part Premium Select Triple 3
Drive Shafts
Constant Velocity Joints
Universal Joints and Couplings
Haft Shafts
Manual Gearbox
Automatic Gearbox
Torque Convertor

Engine Cooling System

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Water Pump
Engine Cooling Fan
Thermostat and Thermostat Housing
Engine Oil Cooler and Heater Matrix

Engine Management

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Engine Electronic Control Unit Only

Steering (Including Power Assisted Steering)

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Steering Rack
Steering Box
PAS Pump


Part Premium Select Triple 3
Coil Springs
Upper and Lower Wishbones
Ball and Swivel Joints

Front and Rear Brakes

Part Premium Select Triple 3
BrakeMaster Cylinder
Wheel Cylinders
Restrictor Valve
Anti Locking Brake System-ABS
ABS Modulator
Wheel Speed Sensors

Additional Parts (Factory Fitted Only)

Part Premium Select Triple 3
Air Conditioning
Turbo Charger
In Car Entertainment System
CD Player/Stereo
Sat Nav

Additional Items Covered;

  • Includes parts, labour and VAT
  • National Repair Network
  • 3 Month to 3 year options available
  • Fast payment of claims
  • Comprehensive parts cover
  • Recovery*
  • Transferable*
  • Straight forward claims process

Components not covered;

  • Gradual deterioration of performance of a component in line with the age and mileage of the vehicle will be classed as "wear and tear" and excluded from the guarantee.
  • All bodywork and trim, seat belts (any part), glass (including heated screens and door mirrors), sunroof panels, fuel tank, wheels and tyres. Air bags or disposal of air bags.
  • Minor fluid leaks, odours, external oil leaks, worn or perished seals.
  • Consumable items such as, but not exclusively limited to light bulbs, drive belts, wiper blades, brake linings, brake discs, cylinders, cables, glow plugs, split pipes, all hoses and key fobs.
  • Blocked, porous or seized components - including seized brake calipers and caliper motors.
  • Clearing or cleaning of fuel lines or components, contamination of fuel system either by incorrect fuelling or water ingress. Damage caused to any component by water ingress.
  • Clutch components, unless mechanically failed.
  • Electrical connections, wiring looms and batteries.
  • Exhaust system, including but not limited to manifolds, mufflers, brackets and mountings. Including de-pollution or diesel particulate filters and systems and EGR valves.
  • Cylinder block liners for vehicles over 3000 cc.
*Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information is correct but errors may occur. Please refer to the brochure issued at purchase.